In THE ATTIC of an old Victorian house , as the moons shines through the skylight, the toys we grew too old to love ,wake from their boxes and continue to play .

The Soldier goes about his nightly march protecting this hidden world keeping order whilst the King and Nurse have become the parents to an adopted family. Everyone has their place and their chores. The Rag Doll sews herself together whilst the China Doll repaints her face to win the charms of any new suitor who may appear through the trap door leading to the nursery far below. The Cowboy and Indian continue to play the prankster upsetting everyone with constant jokes whilst the Ballerina , who broke off the music box many years ago, learns to dance again on her new wooden foot carved for her by the Knight whose dragon ,now a friend, leaves him to chase an imaginary foe. Every night they meet and patch their world together…….. Waiting for a new arrival.

Down stairs the 60s has been and gone and Bardie, Ken and Action Sam find themselves delivered into a Victorian melodrama in a box full of next generation baby boom classics , bringing with them moral mayhem, sexual revolution and the readjustment of values.

Ken finds himself at home with his southern charm working its magic on the China Doll whilst Bardie is suddenly the city girl back in the small town. She begins her quest to modernise and corrupt, tearing apart family values and spreading the message that fame and fortune is the route of all happiness and must be got at any price, no matter who gets hurt in the process.

When one of the toys suddenly falls and is injured they question their actions and ours, as we remember birth, death, work, friends, children, love, laughter and tears through their eyes. We must take everything we’ve learnt, join it all together in a new way and carry on. Perhaps our journeys are not over..…and what about Sam.?

He arrives in THE ATTIC as a toy but we quickly realise He is the father of the children who played with them and has entered this twilight world to set the record straight by mending past mistakes and re writing His history. Choices made when He was a family man resolving emotional conflict before moving on..

In the clash of two worlds between old and new Sam faces his demons through the eyes of the toys finally putting the record straight by helping everyone to find a way to live in harmony.